Capital in the 21st Century

Capital in the 21st Century

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Documentary exploring modern day capitalism from the director of Chasing Great. Based on Thomas Piketty's best selling book. More

Director Justin Pemberton remarks, "Capital in the 21st Century will take us on an exhilarating journey, travelling over 400 hundred years of history as it charts the choppy course of wealth to reveal how we arrived where we are today – and then make an educated guess about what may lie ahead if we fail to act."

2019Rating: PG, Violence & coarse language103 minsFrance, New Zealand
Justin Pemberton ('Chasing Great', 'The Nuclear Comeback', 'The Golden Hour')

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Flicks, Steve Newall

The film never stops being engaging, Pemberton making the most of his interview subjects and interweaving their expertise with a visual style that doesn’t allow the viewer’s attention to lag. If taken as a pacey way of bringing folks up to speed with the predicament of our present, this much more watchable a history lesson than one would imagine. But it did not leave me feeling optimistic or knowing what I should be doing about the inequities on display.

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It summarises the book without dumbing the content, but remains watchable and entertaining.

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Capital in the 21st Century is available to stream in New Zealand now on Google Play and DocPlay and Apple TV and Neon Rentals and Academy On Demand and AroVision.