Captive State

Captive State


This is no longer our planet.

John Goodman and Vera Farmiga star in this sci-fi thriller set in a Chicago neighbourhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force. From director Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes).

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BY DJR lister

A gritty dark sci-fi. Better than what the critics would have you believe. A story of the resistance, of people fighting on after the ruling elite have surrendered to an alien invasion. The ruling elite becoming the puppets of an evil force - the collaborators, much like the Vichy French in WW2. Sure the story was not told well in parts and easy to get lost in the plot - people might not have got it on first watch... but watch again to pick up on points you might have missed and make sure you... More read the text in the closing moments. It's a shame it was a box office flop as i think it would have been interesting to further develop this story and what could have happened next. If you quite like grimy, dark and dirty sci fi, you will like this.Hide

The Press Reviews

  • In "Captive State" aliens have taken over the world (as they will), but it's the viewers stuck watching this messy, lugubrious sci-fi thriller who may feel like the ones being held captive. Full Review

  • Captive State is imperfectly constructed, at times frustratingly so, but it's trying, doggedly, to do something different and given the bland efficiency of so many wide-releasing sci-fi movies, that's hard to fault. Full Review

  • Visually murky, choppily edited and lacking both narrative clarity and well-defined characterizations, Captive State is a deeply frustrating viewing experience. Full Review

  • An audacious and suspenseful thriller about resistance fighters waging an underdog campaign against occupying extraterrestrials. Full Review