Review: Carol

By mondoolix
13 Feb 16

Carol is not the type of film I usually I go to the theatre to see. I had heard about the Oscar buzz the two leads were gathering after it premiered at Cannes Film Festival back in May 2015. Carol is a stand out film. It is a love story which succeeds or fails on the tow leads. Mara & Blanchett's performance and chemistry the audience will become infatuated in the relationship as the characters become infatuated with one another. Rooney Mara is the stand out in this one for me. Up against one of the greatest actresses of this generation, she more than holds her own. Her ability to captivate an audience with little dialogue and shy glances is a wonder to see. And as expected, Blanchett shows her masterclass yet again in another great performance. The relationship formed between these two is acted and written so beautifully, it is hard not to fall in love along with them.