From Pixar/Disney, the tale of a cocky, success driven young race car Lightning McQueen (Wilson) who, on his way to a Championship race in California, crashes his, um, himself, in the sleepy town of Radiator Springs - destroying some of the inhabitant's belongings. This is no good say the townsfolk, and to make amends he is ordered to stick around for community service.... More

Despite stars in his eyes, McQueen resigns to hanging in Radiator Springs where he meets the locals. The friendships he forms, teach him there are more important things in life than trophies and accolades.Hide

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Flicks Review

'Cars' is a marvelous technical achievement. Wow, look how the water runs off the shiny metal! Look how the sun sets over the dusty prairie! Look how the neon lights reflect against glass!

A dazzling beginning gets the film off to an exciting start. The speed and dynamism of the racing cars, set against a driving beat on the soundtrack, is a wonder to behold. You'll want to watch this section again, just to pick up on the myriad of tiny details that just keep blasting off the screen.

But when the central character/car Lightning McQueen gets lost on Route 66, the narrative gets a little lost too. From here onwards it's just a standard story about a cocky maverick learning the value of friendship. Yawn.

As Lightning slowly learns to appreciate the simple life, the children in the audience will start fidgeting. Even my patience was tested. The jokes are mildly amusing, but it all gets a bit 'same-ish' after a while. And the fact that everyone in their world is a motorized vehicle soon started to play on my mind. How do they reproduce? How do they wire electrical circuits? And why do I find a 'love attraction' between two cars a bit strange?

The attention to detail, however, is fascinating. The tyre shop is their equivalent of a shoe shop; the diner is like a gas station, etc. Jay Leno even appears as Jay Limo.

There's also some nice voicework from some decent actors (Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Michael Keaton). It's just a shame that the large ensemble of cars doesn't actually advance the plot much at all. They just hang around and convince Lightning McQueen that a simple life is all that matters.

A reliance on nice animation and a few funny jokes just won't cut it anymore. We need story, story, story. In this department, 'Cars' fails to deliver. It's a slick but underwhelming affair.

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BY OscarSM superstar

This inspiring tale of how a sentient race car went from self obsessed jerk to friendly kind and helpful is rather weird although never ceases to impress. It has good characters, good morals and fairly decent animation too. Whilst it does raise many questions these can be ignored and an enjoyable viewing experience shall greet you. It was certainly far better than it's sequel which was (although incredibly memey) a rather large disappoint that raised too many questions to ignore.

BY PhilMoore superstar

This is yet another great film from Pixar. Lightning McQueen is a top race car and he ends up stuck is Radiator Springs forced to fix their town before he can get back to the Piston Cup. He meets a lot of fun characters along the way and realizes there is more to life than racing. This is a fun film for all ages. I highly recommend it

My favourite movie of all time went to the movies to c it 3times and bought it on Dvd the day it came out. its spectacular and Mater is my all time favourite hes done so well. very funny

the best animation i have seen this year!
Really cute and funny:)

I can't quite share other's enthusiasm for Cars. There is no doubt Pixar have again set the technical bar - the scenery is breathtaking, the animation is brilliant. But a film, and in a lot aways especially a kids film, can't stand on this alone.

The most interesting aspect to the film was the themes of nostalgia it touched on - this also provided some of the best visuals (of the Radiator Springs of yesteryear) in the film.

And I thought the choice of actors was good, as... More I've found it annoying in some animated pics when it's very obvious who the actor is (eg: Eddie Murphey in Shrek, Ben Stiller in Madagascar). Here only Owen Wilson is really recognisable, but he's od enough so you forget it's him.

HAVING SAID ALL THIS - it's too long! My kids were as restless as I. And as Susan & Flicks review mentions - the 'there are more important things in life' theme must be the most overused story ever. We get it! I would have preffered the film to have focused more on nostalgia, ideas about loving nostalgia etc. At least this would have provided something new.Hide

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  • BBC

    The script, usually Pixar's secret weapon, is a surprisingly lame affair that substitutes endless automotive puns for real wit. The only bright spot in the tedium is Paul Newman, on magisterial form as a retired racer with a dark secret.. Full Review

  • A love letter to the heyday of the American road and the faded mystique of Route 66... Full Review

  • Judged against previous form, this is not Pixar firing on all cylinders, lacking the sophisticated comedy we’ve come to expect. Judged against fare from other studios, however, it’s a triumph... Full Review

  • It might not be way up there in "The Incredibles"/"Finding Nemo"/"Toy Story" stratosphere, but the charming "Cars" is nevertheless a thoroughly pleasant way to mark Pixar Animation Studios' 20th anniversary... Full Review

  • Periodic bursts of cleverness brighten the festivities, but they're too few and far between, and the trademark humor that appeals to adults and kids often misfires... Full Review

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