Cartel Land

Cartel Land


Where is the line between good and evil?

Vigilantes from both sides of the Mexican border take action against the ruthless cartels, as depicted in this documentary from Matthew Heineman (Escape Fire).

  • Directing and Cinematography Award (Documentary) winner at Sundance Film Festival 2015

  • Directed by Matthew Heineman ('Escape Fire', 'Our Time')

    Starring José Manuel Mireles

    • Crime, Documentary, War
    • 98mins
    • Rating: R13 Violence, offensive language and content that may disturb
    • English and Spanish with English subtitles
    • Mexico, USA

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Flicks Review

Ten minutes after leaving the cinema, I still felt rattled by what I had just experienced. How a documentary maker was able to get into this situation is astonishing in itself, following an anti-Cartel vigilante squad on ground zero as it becomes more effective and grows in numbers – a growth that alerts the real monster at bay. Cartel Land got inside the belly of the beast and clawed its way out alive, making it one of the most powerful films I’ve seen this year. Rarely have I been more terrified of the truth.

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I watched this after having seen last years amazing film "Sicario". This is a real tale of the impact of drugs in Mexico and the story of people fighting back for their families and towns. It is at times uplifting and builds your hope but then can be jarring and sombre.

I was often at times thinking how is this real? It opened my eyes to what happens over there and made me appreciate our little country a little more. The film is bold and gripping and I find some documentaries can be a bit much... More especially if they are trying to persuade you to their idea of thinking but this I think is just telling us a story. A very messed up storyHide

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  • The key to success in vérité-style documentaries is "access, access, access." Which is what "Cartel Land" has in compelling amounts. Full Review

  • What's missing is a directorial point of view, including about vigilante groups, the so-called war on drugs, and Mexican and American policies and politics. Full Review

  • Startling access yields strong if not consistent results in "Cartel Land," Matthew Heineman's parallel portrait of vigilantes policing two different fronts of the drug war. Full Review

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