They had a date with fate in Casablanca!

As time goes by, the appeal of Casablanca shows no sign of diminishing. Originally intended as a WWII propaganda movie, it remains a marvellous blend of bittersweet romance, wisecracking comedy and wartime intrigue. Wonderfully acted by its cast, it's the story of a laconic nightclub-owner Rick (Humphrey Bogart), whose life in Casablanca is shaken up by the arrival of old flame Elsa (Ingrid Bergman) with her Resistance leader husband.... More

Despite a famously troubled production (including a conveyor belt of scriptwriters and a failure to secure the likes of Ronald Reagan), the finished film, directed by Michael Curtiz, unfolds with effortless professionalism. Indeed, when re-watching Casablanca, one is reminded how many of its choice lines - "Round up the usual suspects!", "Here's looking at you kid" - have entered our collective cultural consciousness, together with the all too-familiar tones of that As Time Goes By theme song. -BBCHide

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BY Brendan3 superstar

nearly perfect.
Amazing cast and acting.
Most of the lines are classics
As time goes by this film becomes more popular !

BY Wice superstar

I have a copy of this movie. I have probably seen it dozens of times. I used to watch it with my late Dad - our favorite wet Sunday treat! For me, nothing is more romantic, more nostalgic and more escapist than this truly classic movie. I love everything about it.

BY iWatch wannabe

Fabulous classic that is well worth repeated viewings. Highlights are the bromance between Bogart and Rains; the luminous beauty of Bergman; the great character actors Greenstreet and Lorre; and the sharp comic dialogue. Even the insipid Mr Henreid is just about perfect.

i thought it was a really good movie with an intresting plot.

i really couldn't get into this film... we had to watch it for our Film and Video class then write a review and well cuite frankly i thouhgt the film was horrible.

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  • BBC

    Unrequited love, midgets, some of the most quoted dialogue ever written, and Dooley Wilson's ultra cool jazz stylings on the ivories - "Casablanca" simply has it all... Full Review

  • It plays like a favorite musical album; the more I know it, the more I like it. The black-and-white cinematography has not aged as color would. The dialogue is so spare and cynical it has not grown old-fashioned... Full Review

  • Irresistible, big-hearted film-making. Full Review

  • Even hardened cynics who might be impelled to dismiss it as a collection of button-pushing clichés will most likely get swept up in the all the unabashed romance. Full Review

  • The most sociable, the most companionable film ever made. Life as an endless party. Full Review

  • Whether you return to Casablanca for a nostalgia fix, a guilty pleasure or for the waters, you can be certain there'll be something you didn't notice last time out. Full Review

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