The Batman spin-off with Halle Berry saucing it up as Catwoman. This origin-story shows how cosmetic company employee Patience (Berry) is transformed into the leatherclad feline persona who walks the fine line between hero and villain. Also stars Sharon Stone, who's stunt double is Kiwi Zoe Bell.

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9% of critics recommend.
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  • The director, whose name is Pitof, was probably issued with two names at birth and would be wise to use the other one on his next project. Full Review

  • If "Spider-Man 2" is this summer's main comic-book-movie course, Catwoman is clearly the leftovers. Full Review

  • The result is not the train wreck one might anticipate from surfing the Net. The catfights, overacting and Berry's swagger in a skimpy, tight, leather outfit that would be right at home at a Hookers Ball make for campy fun. Full Review

  • Not everybody will be able to swallow its heady romanticism, yet its French director, Pitof, has brought sophistication to a comic book sensibility, which helps some purple patches of dialogue along with other absurdities. Full Review

  • The lure of Halle Berry as the leather-clad feline should help this mangy misfire claw out a decent opening before a quick slink to DVD. Full Review

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