Cemetery Junction

Cemetery Junction


A 1970s-set comedy-drama from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, creators of TV's The Office and Extras. Centers on three young working-class men from Reading, England, who spend their time joking, drinking, fighting and chasing girls. Freddie (Christian Cooke), however, feels there may be more to life than being stuck in a small town.... More

Also stars Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson and Gervais himself.Hide

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The Office and Extras are two of the best television shows of recent times – the former has indeed become a classic of televisual history, propelling a snub-nosed fat guy to international stardom. But the often-overlooked half of the creative genius is a ‘goggle-eyed freak’ called Stephen Merchant. After sidestepping the dire The Invention of Lying, which suggested the well had run dry for Gervais, Merchant returns here to rejoin his directing partner and to prove just how dependable and skilful they can be as a team.... More

It’s evident that Cemetery Junction combines the two things they do best – empathy for the ordinary working bloke and a romantic disposition – delivering the audience an unabashedly feel-good and identifiable crowdpleaser. The good-hearted story weaves between hilarity and moments of heartbreak (take, for example, the callous send-off to a long-term employee), ensuring that the viewer can’t help but be swept up in the dramedy.

Visually, the movie is beautiful. It’s unlikely that a 1970s Reading looked quite this picture-perfect; sunny days, quaint cottages, chic discos. The soundtrack is top-notch, featuring vintage Elton John, Roxy Music, T-Rex, Slade, Bowie and Zeppelin. Sashaying through this golden-hued nostalgia-rama are three hugely likeable leads. They are said to have auditioned as a team and their natural camaraderie shines through.

Is there anything new, cutting-edge or daring about Cemetery Junction? Well, not really. If you’re looking for narrative surprise or formal invention, you’re barking up the wrong tree. But Gervais-Merchant’s feature debut is rock-solid. It’s a sweet, warm comedy-drama, refreshingly free of cynicism. Miles away from the drab office or the functional studio backlot, their radiant Cemetery Junction is somewhere you’ll love to visit.Hide

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I saw this on a whim today and am very pleased i did. Maybe it was just my mood but I really enjoyed the film. Sure it looked really idealized and the leads were way too attractive to be doing the things they were doing but it was well written and had a nice balance between drama and laughs.

BY adeej superstar

I knew nothing about Cemetery Junction before seeing this movie tonight. A group of friends from my church were going, so I thought I would go too. Overall, I did like this film. The way the story ended up for each of the characters was lovely and I agree that the filmmakers did a brilliant job with creating the 1970s in England. The one main thing that let this film down for me was that there were some distinctly dodgy scenes - I certainly wouldn't take my parents to this movie!

I was amazed to see my home town as a location for this film. Taylors bell foundry & Great Central preserved railway both in Loughborough a long way from Reading.80 miles. The story was real nostalgia and the vehicles used were all correct. I think only the council houses were in Reading. Really enjoyed it. Stan in NZ.

I wouldnt have chosen this movie to see but a friend recommened it to me as a feel good movie and i loved it. Can't wait to buy the soundtrack and the part with Snork up on stage singing at the winners dinner was priceless.

BY freshdude superstar

Nothing wrong with this film, but nothing amazing neither. It's pleasant, but really doesn't need to be watched on the big screen.
Friends and I went to watch this instead of MICMACS because some couldn't be bothered with subtitles ... dont make the same mistake. I have since seen MICMACS and it is a million time better than CEMETERY JUNCTION, although quite different but both comedies. There's just no comparison.

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  • Fade up on a sun-glazed rural panorama – England aglow before the blissed-out swell of Vaughan Williams… Cut to a languid montage of small-town splendour (shallow valley, woozy village green, chugging double-decker)… Then, from bucolic idyll to the graft and grime of daily life, as Tom Hughes’ cocky upstart Bruce clocks off his factory job to meet booze buddies Snork (Jack Doolan, snaggled, loveable) and Freddie (Christian Cooke, dashing but conflicted). Full Review

  • Impressively directed and sharply written, this is an emotionally engaging drama with terrific performances from rising stars Christian Cooke and Tom Hughes. Full Review