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97 mins
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In this high school comedy, title character Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin, soon to be seen as Chekov in J.J. Abrams’... More

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"I had high hopes for this movie. On the surface, it seemed like it was moving away from the mainstream trend for high school comedies to be extended exercises in gross out humour for stereotyped characters. It appeared to be taking its cues more from Rushmore than American Pie, plus it had Robert Downey Jr."

Flicks, Andreas HeinemannFlicks

"Rollicking story of a rich kid whose wildly successful bid for popularity has him playing drug-distributing shrink to an entire high school boasts pitch-perfect faceoffs between upstart Anton Yelchin and alcoholic principal Robert Downey Jr. that could fuel a chemistry lab."


"If the attention span of Charlie Bartlett didn’t wander here and there, the movie might have been a high school satire worthy of comparison with Alexander Payne’s “Election.” But as it dashes around and eventually turns soft, it loses its train of thought."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"The dismal high school comedy Charlie Bartlett has the look, feel and sentiment of a made-for-video cheapie that might have been grudgingly whipped together by Robert Downey Jr. as some sort of court-ordered community service project for his many drug busts."

Seattle Post-IntelligencerSeattle Post-Intelligencer

"Charlie Bartlett is filled with interestingly drawn characters, performances which are mostly engaging and comedy that is delightfully dark. That said, there is something not quite right with the overall tone of the film."

New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand Herald

"Yelchin delivers one of those performances that pop eyes... It's a breakthrough role."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"After a strong start, the story ceases to challenge itself and its characters, offering easy options and a Prozac-soft finish."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

"If you've seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pump Up the Volume, My Bodyguard, Say Anything or - especially - Rushmore, then you could spend a tedious afternoon playing "spot the ripoff"."

Dominion PostDominion Post

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M, drug use and offensive language
Comedy, Drama

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