Review: Chopper

01 Sep 11

Uncle Chopper

What can I say Choppers irreverant Humour and phycotic tendencies make for an unforgetable movie . The way he treats his friends is scary and the one liners will have you repeating them next day around the water cooler Mark Chopper Read is absouletly loved by aussies and kiwis alike as he says the average person doesnt have nothing to fear from me only drug dealers murderers and every other criminal a must watch serious use of bad language it really is funny and scary that this man is real watch out for his lifelong buddy Neville Bardos and hope your friends dont treat you the same as Chopper does his If you like the underbelly films theres a lot of fimilar names in here .He is now out of jail and owns his own shop and has written a few books as well as being the inspiration for the comedian Chopper