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American independent film, relayed in 'found-footage' style (like Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch) about three mates who discover a mysterious substance that grants them superpowers.... More

At first they have fun toying around with their new super-abilities. However, things soon take a serious turn when one of the three embraces his darker side. Stars Michael B. Jordan (Wallace from HBO's The Wire).Hide

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District 9 really has a lot to answer for. It raised the game for genre movies in a way very few movies have. The aesthetics and subject matter of Chronicle beg comparisons with Neill Blomkamp's 2009 masterpiece, and they don't benefit the new film greatly. That said, this is a nifty, watchable piece of wish-fulfilment entertainment with more than a couple of standout moments.... More

The question you inevitably ask in every found footage movie is: “Why are they still filming?” This film doesn't offer a particularly satisfying answer but it does provide a unique solution to the problem of these sorts of films always being shot in the first-person. It also features some of the coolest 'humans flying' action ever put on screen, and builds to an action climax that recalls Superman II.

The notion of three teenage boys using the power of telekinesis to have fun is irresistible, and this film gets a lot more mileage out of the idea than the 1982 Scott Baio classic Zapped!, but the ultimate feeling is of a resulting story that doesn't quite live up to its initial promise. The behaviour of the characters is never surprising, and is generally attributed to simplistic motivations. Plus the film optimistically throws up a lot of questions for the sequel (if there is one...) to answer.

If I sound like I'm nit-picking, it's only because I really wanted this to be amazing. As it stands, I'll have to settle for pretty good.Hide

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BY callumt nobody

With a great concept, being different from most conventional super-hero movies, they had a lot of potential to develop the movie into something great.

Unfortunately we never were able to get to know the characters and develop a connection with them which left the emotional scenes had little effect on me as a viewer.

The CGI was rather obviouse too and the documentary style of the film limited the ability for variation in different angled shots which I think would have aided with the... More development of emotion in the film.

Overall, a disappointment.Hide

BY CSBright superstar

entertaining i love this movie i enjoyed it and its sucj a awsome movie i loved it

BY RealityCheck superstar

It was very similar to the filming of 'Blairwitch', and 'Cloverfield' with gifts likened to 'Hancock', appearing shot through amateur video recorders. Although it had some good camera tricks and angles the movie left me wanting more, like an episode fo something good. It was enjoyable to see these gifts the guys could do however the flick just didnt deliver enough in the final fight. Good pop-corn, maybe even worth a look if you like hero sort of pictures, but I wouldnt watch it twice.
Genre :... More Adventure, action, sci-fi,
2/5 : good movie, just lacked in too many areasHide

BY Ken-Burns superstar

So worth going to as it is a new take on superpowers. It's quick and clear in story telling, has nasty moments and a bit of death. I'd see it again

BY clararar superstar

I often feel that having believable and sympathetic characters is the main factor that raises a film from average to great, and Chronicle certainly achieved this. From the beginning, you can clearly picture those sorts of guys in an average American high school. What I didn't expect from the film was the amount of humour (well, more at the beginning) which actually made it quite fun, as opposed to something like Cloverfield which was darker throughout. There were some great scenes which... More elicited audible reactions from the audience, such as Andy and the spider, and the not-altogether-happy ending was quite fitting. Overall, you could certainly believe that if three American teenagers actually got superpowers, this could be how things would unfold. I would recommend Chronicle to anyone tired of watching the usual comic-book franchises, especially if you were a fan of other found-footage films.Hide

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  • Neither the boys nor the film's director and screenwriter can think of anything to do with these special gifts that is not frivolous, playful or malevolent. Full Review

  • Believable then bad-ass, it isn’t wholly original but it does brim with emotion, imagination and modern implication. Full Review

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