Review: Chronicle

04 Feb 12

Refreshing perspective, realistic characters

I often feel that having believable and sympathetic characters is the main factor that raises a film from average to great, and Chronicle certainly achieved this. From the beginning, you can clearly picture those sorts of guys in an average American high school. What I didn't expect from the film was the amount of humour (well, more at the beginning) which actually made it quite fun, as opposed to something like Cloverfield which was darker throughout. There were some great scenes which elicited audible reactions from the audience, such as Andy and the spider, and the not-altogether-happy ending was quite fitting. Overall, you could certainly believe that if three American teenagers actually got superpowers, this could be how things would unfold. I would recommend Chronicle to anyone tired of watching the usual comic-book franchises, especially if you were a fan of other found-footage films.