Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane


The classic story of power and the press.

Orson Welles' first film, often regarded as the greatest and most influential movie of all time for its innovative use of cinematography, narrative structure and sound. Welles is Charles Foster Kane - a character based on William Randolph Hearst - an isolated, wealthy media mogul who dies uttering the words "Rosebud...". Kane's death is major news and reporter Jerry (William Alland) investigates his life, told via flashbacks, and in particular the meaning behind his last spoken word.... More

The French New Wave critics were the first to identify Citizen Kane as a major landmark work. Sight & Sound's decennial poll of international critics, that ranks the world's best movies of all time, named it number one five times in a row (from 1962 to 2002). The American Film Institute also named it number one of their 100 best movies (in polls taken in 1998 and 2007).Hide

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  • Probably the most exciting film that has come out of Hollywood for twenty-five years. I am not at all sure that it isn't the most exciting film that ever came out of anywhere. Full Review

  • It can be classified as, in a number of aspects, one of the most arresting pictures ever produced. Full Review

  • There can hardly be anything left to say about Citizen Kane, now revived on the big screen, other than to comment on sublime moments. Full Review

  • Is far and away the most surprising and cinematically exciting motion picture to be seen here in many a moon. As a matter of fact, it comes close to being the most sensational film ever made in Hollywood. Full Review

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