City Island

Review: City Island

By Bonux
03 Nov 10

WT...? Did you say Outrageous Fortune?!

There is no link whatsoever between City Island and Outrageous Fortune. O.F. is vulgar, poorly written, poorly acted, mostly over dramatic, while the fun factor is the equivalent of watching a dog pooping. City Island is witty, it has a proper script, the characters are likable, it is touching without being a tear jerker and it is entertaining. Outrageous Fortune wants to be outrageous so bad it became obnoxious and silly after a couple of episodes. City Island never tries to be in your face, it is not nasty nor shocking for the sake of it, it is just believable. There are people like the O.F. characters in real life but you would not care to remember them. People who enjoy their own state of misery and insist to share it with you, are not likable. Conversely, the characters of City Island offer a lot more depth, they are likable with their qualities and defaults. The chemistry between Andy Garcia and his daughter in real life, is actually funny to watch. If you like awkward situations and colorful characters but cannot stand the vulgarity of O.F., City Island is definitely for you. I do not mind rude when it serves a nice script, but vulgar is one adjective that really kills a movie or TV show for me.