CJ7 (Cheung Gong 7 hou)

CJ7 (Cheung Gong 7 hou)

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Writer/director Stephen Chow (who's next film is the Seth Rogan comic book adaptation The Green Hornet) plays a goofy and hapless construction worker with nothing to his name but his pride, honesty and determination to keep his small son Dicky (played by the appealing 9-year-old actress [yes!] Xu Jiao) in the pricey private school where he's being bullied to death by fascistic little rich thugs with slicked-back hair and access to all the techno-gizmos their rich parents can buy.

Ever a champion of the underdog and the handmade, Chow, whose own childhood poverty informs all his movies, conjures a savior out of a junkyard - a strange alien who looks like a newly-hatched chick with huge eyes, a flubbery green body, Charlie Chaplin moves and an unstable relationship to the martial arts. More

2008Rating: PG, coarse language88 minsHonk Kong, ChinaCantonese with English subtitles
ComedyKids & FamilyScience Fiction

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