Cold Pursuit

Review: Cold Pursuit

05 Feb 19

Fabulous dark comedy

I wasn't sure what to expect going into the movie and had no expectations. It starts as a very low key, almost dark arty movie with lots of snow billowing around in desolate snowy mountains, a quaint wee wooden house all by itself and a snow plough. There's not much dialogue to begin with. Nels is a man of few words, and shuns the limelight. The fun begins in the morgue scene. Elevating bodies is a recurring theme. Nels is spurred into action after he talks to his son's coworker. Then the body count really starts. One thing I must do is count the bodies next time I watch this. This is like an intentionally funny version of the Taken movies. Some great characters and actors. Warning, for snowflakes, it's a bloody movie. Tho the scenery with the snowplough and billowing snow is almost arty and surreal. It also has what may be the first snow plough chase in a movie. No doubt a movie buff will know. Watch it.