Comes a Bright Day

Comes a Bright Day

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Romantic thriller starring Craig Roberts (Submarine) as a 20-year-old bellboy whose infatuation with a beautiful jeweller (Imogen Poots, Fright Night) puts him in the middle of a million dollar robbery. The feature debut from writer-director Simon Aboud. More

When Sam meets Mary, he is truly smitten. Attempting to overcome his fear of rejection, Sam follows Mary back to her jewellery store with the intention of asking her out on a date. Unbeknown to Sam, two armed thieves also have an appointment with the jewellers and aren’t planning on leaving without the million pound Stahl Papillon brooch. With the panic button pressed and armed response units swarming into the area, Sam, Mary and belligerent, elderly shop owner Charlie (Spall) are taken hostage. 

2012Rating: R1691 mins

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Comes a Bright Day is available to stream in New Zealand now on Google Play and Academy On Demand.