A British rom-com that tries to add a little spice to the genre by having the actors improvise the script, & using the well-worn mockumentary technique.

It follows three couples, as they plan and execute their wedding, in a magazine-sponsored competition for 'Most Original Wedding of the Year'. Aided by two professional wedding planners, each couple es with a themed ceremony appropriate to their lifestyle or passions - one's a Busby Berkley musical, another uses a tennis motif, and the last couple are nudists. As the big day draws near stress levels rise, tempers boil, and calamity ensues.

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'Confetti' uses the well-worn mockumentary technique following around three couples, as they plan and execute their wedding, in competition for 'Most Original Wedding of the Year'. Two professional, gay wedding planners help the love birds in their plans (Vincent Franklin and Jason Watkins). Watching over all are the editors of the magazine which have organized the contest (Felicity Montagu and Jimmy Carr).

Each couple es with a themed wedding (tennis, Busby Berkley musical, naturalists). Sound stupid? It is. And un-funny.

The wedding planner duo raised a giggle or two, and the couple ing for the musical styled wedding (Martin Freeman - Tim from tv's 'The Office' and Jessica Stevenson) had their moments. The naturalists' scenes show plenty of breasts & penises wobbling, which is pretty funny at first. Freeman is the best of the lot, and steals the film's only memorable scene in which he fires up at his soon-to-be mother-in-law.

The script's improvised, but it doesn't feel anymore spontaneous or humorous because of it, just flabby. Despite being swiftly paced and boasting great individual talent, none of it really clicks and there isn't any where near enough laughs or believable romance to hold it together.

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Concept idea was good and it started off well. However became a bit predictable though there were some good laughs. Pretty obvious who was going to win to suit the magazine tho. Wife thought it was great but for me just something to while away an hour or so.

I enjoyed Confetti but figured I would after seeing the trailers. The mockumentary was good but didn't quite compare to the features of Christopher Guest (who is the maestro of the genre - see Best in Show or A Mighty Wind).

That being said, it had some excellent characters with great acting and I did giggle a number of times. The two wedding planners were a highlight along with the huge nostrils of the female tennis player!

Got a bit "lovey dovey" towards the end which was unexpected... More but still enjoyed it.Hide

This might be the worst movie of the year. I hope nothing worse comes along. It isn't funny, it's boring and some of the actors are OTT. Don't waste your money.

A weak attempt and an amatuerish outcome.

If you offered -stars this would have been my first allocation below 0.

Poor story line (even thats an overstatement), mediocre acting, no real laughs, what else can I say.

The funny moments are there, but are too sporadic. It's a shame, because it has the potential to be great for both men & women - but somehow it fell short.

I think the BBC review has it right in saying "mistakes weird for funny". Husband and I were slightly amused, but quickly fort about it.

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  • BBC

    Isitt mistakes weird for funny... Full Review

  • One would have hoped for tighter content, more pointed and more consistent in tone. Still, even if you won?t be quoting it the next day, it?ll keep you laughing from start to finish... Full Review

  • Glossy and stupid, the film was made without a script, which is a good idea almost never. The story is about three couples entering a contest run by Confetti Magazine to find which of them are willing to make the biggest fools of themselves in order to win a free wedding and a nice house... Full Review

  • Although it tends to the ridiculous at times rather than the witty, anyone who has been through planning a wedding will find something amusing in this film... Full Review

  • Fine individual talents with crack timing. But compared with the tightly-knit ensemble in Guest's pic, individual members of the "Confetti" team seem to have slightly differing comic agendas... Full Review