Review: Contagion

10 Nov 11

More itching than contagous

Yup, we find ourselves wathcing a zombie movie (without the zombies). Its got all the hall-marks though, like '28 days Later' 'Resident Evil' '12 Monkeys' 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' and Dawn of the Dead' they all transmit a virus (of sorts) to the general public. This film is good though, it shows the outbreaks stages and the workings behind the scenes to make goverments and political parties to aim for control, of the public, the media and of the contagion. I enjoyed the insight it gave for the SARS and N1H1 type situations. I liked it, but really, maybe I've just seen too many 'Contagion' type flicks to be overly impressed by this one, possibly I expected more with this many headliers, not great names, but good ones.
Genre : horror, drama, terror,
3/5 : tho it did seem real, I felt lacking either the comedy to make it normal or the action to make it unreal.