Isabelle Huppert (I Heart Huckabees, The Piano Teacher) stars in this French-Belgian comedy about a middle-aged bohemian who attempts to win her daughter's respect.... More

Free-spirited Babou (Huppert) never held down a steady job and raised her daughter Esmeralda (Lolita Chammah) while moving from country to country living a responsibility-free life. Now grown up, the demure Esmeralda is about to marry her clean-cut boyfriend (Joachim Lombard) but refuses to invite mum to the wedding. Hurt, Babou decides to make some life changes and sets out to prove she has the old-fashioned motherly chops her daughter wants. So she moves to the Belgian seaside and accepts a real estate job in the highly competitive time-share apartment market. There she faces a fierce rival in fellow real estate agent Irene (Chantal Banlier).Hide

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BY Stuart-Bland superstar

Copacabana proves that Isabelle Huppert can do anything, including starring in a trivial mother-daughter dramedy that's beneath her considerable talents.

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  • A pleasant enough interlude, Copacabana doesn't actually get us there ... to Copacabana or to 'there' as a film, even though everyone does a great job. Full Review