Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat


Based on an original idea of Vince Vaughn’s and co-written by his Swingers buddy Jon Favreau, this comedy follows four couples who embark on a journey to a tropical island resort. While one of the couples is there to work on their marriage, the other three set out to jet-ski and enjoy some fun in the sun. They soon discover that participation in the resort’s couples therapy is not optional. Suddenly, their group-rate holiday comes at a price.

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Unfortunately, like many modern 'adult' comedies, the best bits of Couples Retreat are in the trailer. Actually, in this case, some of the best bits of this limp laugher are only in the trailer. It appears that what started out as a raunchy comedy has been neutered to achieve a less restrictive rating.... More

What it means here is that along with liberal doses of bikini-clad girls, sexual innuendo and general crudity, there's also a heavy dollop of saccharine schmaltz and family values within Fox, Favreau and Vaughn's paint-by-numbers script. While there are some nice one-liners on marriage: "It's a two way street not a highway and a bikepath,'' those expecting Swingers 2 will be sorely disappointed. And although the assembled cast (including New Zealand's own Temuera Morrison) is impressive on paper, they are little more than archetypes and caricatures.

Couples Retreat is a film that looks less a labour of love for Vaughn, who also executive produces, and more an excuse for a paid holiday with friends in Tahiti.Hide

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BY Mick28 lister

Very few laughs were had. And why do all these overweight men have beautiful wives with killer bodies?

pretty dumb i expected loads more considering the good cast but nah parts were almost worthy of walking out. it had a few laughs but dragged on too long!

This movie looked excellent in the shorts but in reality most of what is you see in the shortd are the main funny bits in the movie... Certainly worth a watch but Vince Vaughn has been in a lot better that is for sure.

BY JamesW lister

I totally agree that the cast decided to shoot a movie there just so they could get a holiday out of it. VERY VERY disappointing and quite literally there are 2 laughs that aren't in the trailer, and those two jokes get overplayed!

Went with a girlfriend so we could end the week on a high,not the comedy we were expecting

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11% of critics recommend.
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  • Among the better things in the movie, I count Vaughn's well-timed and smart dialogue. Full Review

  • A good idea for a sophisticated comedy lurks within the latest Jon Favreau-Vince Vaughn collaboration, Couples Retreat, but the filmmakers lack the courage of their convictions. So the payoff is mixed at best. Full Review

  • An R-rated version of this mess would be only more gratingly dishonest as it tried to hide its weak sentimentality behind a fig leaf of vulgarity. Full Review

  • A comedy about couples in counselling, Couples Retreat's only real appeal lies with its ensemble cast, who take a stab at making something of a lacklustre script by Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. Full Review

  • The cast got to spend a month shooting on Bora Bora. So that explains why they're in the movie. Why you'd spend good money for a ticket to watch them have all the fun and not have any fun yourself passes understanding. Full Review

  • Those involved got to spend weeks at a Bora Bora luxury resort; all we get is this not lousy but unmemorable tropical-vacation comedy. Full Review