Cowboys & Aliens

Review: Cowboys & Aliens

27 Jan 12

Monsters v Aliens was more believable...

Monsters v Aliens was more believable... it had more three-dimensional characters too and better acting and script... Still, one bIG star for Harrison Ford being grumpy! Honestly, watch Harrison in STAR WARS (all three); INDIANNA JONES (all four), BLADE RUNNER, THE FUGITIVE and MORNING GLORY - heck EVERY FILM he ever did! The guy has three expressions: perplexed, bemused, annoyed. Love him. He's this generation's John Wayne. Other than Ford? This is popcorn production at its worst - predictable and dull as TRANSFORMERS 2 or 3. If you liked those - you'll love this. As uninspired as IRON MAN 2 and even less fun. Shame. The comic books were fun and the title rocks. But alas, what promised to be a fun movie on the lines of INDEPENDENCE DAY IN THE WILD WEST turns into THE WILD WILD WEST - and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

... no wonder Harrison's so grumpy!