Crawl (2019)

Review: Crawl (2019)

By ratty
23 Jul 19

Meet the Gaitors....

I haven’t been to a ‘horror’ movie in years so decided it was high time to be scared witless again. Hence I went to see Crawl. It was a bit edge of the seat, but only in the sense you knew what was going to happen…and it wasn’t pretty. I never realised that a person could survive quite a long time after being ripped apart by an alligator, after losing all limbs, being left with just a head and torso, but remaining conscious enough to scream blue murder…..I will feel reassured if I ever come face to face with an angry croc that I will live long enough to enjoy the experience! I’m an orthopaedic nurse so was excited to see how to repair an open fracture of a tibia using a very large spanner and belt…I will add this to my work arsenal which I think should reassure my patients…everyone will be pleased to know the heroine manages to escape the horror house, only to be caught on a tidal wave and swept back in….I thought, oh no, I can’t take any more of this…..anyway it rolls quickly to a happy ending but I won’t tell you if the cute puppy gets his comeuppance or not… will have to go to the movie to find out!