Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart


Awesome, five-time Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges (including one for this role at the 2010 Academy Awards) stars as hard drinkin', country singin' anti-hero, Bad Blake, in Scott Cooper's directorial debut.... More

Bad Blake is a broken down country music singer who’s had too many marriages, too many years on the road and one too many drinks. And yet, Bad can’t help but reach for salvation with the help of Jean (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a journalist who discovers the real man behind the musician.Hide

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Jeff Bridges has always been a fine actor but in Crazy Heart he surpasses the job description. As the actor dissolves, Bad Blake emerges. He’s a country star who has arrived at the gates of old age with little more than a bottle of his favourite liquor and a few dollars in the bank. The character’s hard-living history is virtually burned into Bridges’ performance in every gruff aside and heartfelt ballad. And he ain’t a bad singer.... More

As his talented backing band breathes life into a dusty old bowling alley it’s hard to believe the singer and his music are a work of fiction. Penned by the likes of Waylon Jennings, Lucinda Williams and Buck Owen, the soundtrack – including the Oscar-nominated song The Weary Kind – should bring out the country fan in all who see the film. The chain-smoking, ponytail-wearing Colin Farrell as Blake’s big-shot country compadre is also fun to watch, his bling tour buses the antithesis to Blake’s crappy truck.

With little background music to prompt the emotions and frequent use of handheld camera, it’s easy to slip out of the movie theatre and into Blake’s life. The only small blue note is his relationship with Jean, played by an otherwise impressive Maggie Gyllenhaal as an emotionally bruised single mother and aspiring music journalist. World-weary and maternal, it would have been nice to see her play harder to get. Instead the love affair comes on faster than a whiskey shot.

But both the leads deserve a shot at the Oscars they are nominated for. This is a gem of a story with a big crazy heart.Hide

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BY Brian1 superstar

A good take on an old theme, very well acted.

BY Ken-Burns superstar

Being a dad at home I had some anxious moments during Crazy Heart because it hit the parenting storylines right on the head. Jeff was great as a near-has-been and Colin Farrell better than I thought he'd be. Maggie Gynanhaal and the little boy who plays her son are well matched

Never got out of first gear. Storyline was predictable and an apart from Jeff Bridges acting out his character rather well it was wasted in an overly long meandering yawn. Shame.

Thought this was a rerun of a Chris Christopheson role...
Found the movie - story, characters and filming patronising. The character played by JB undeveloped, not engaging. Found the female lead MG just pure simpering drivel though slightly better than JB. Thought the filming looked tired, not crisp.

I well shot, well acted, well written yarn of despair and redemption. A bit cliche in some regards but they could have made it worse! There is no cheesy lovey dovey ending. The music is produced by T Bone Burnett so you know that will be good.

Not one CGI so chances are it's too real(in every way) for an Oscar

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91% of critics recommend.
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  • Jeff Bridges is a virtual certainty to win his first Oscar, after four nominations. Full Review

  • A phenomenal, heart-breaking performance from Jeff Bridges powers this simple but affecting redemption story. Full Review

  • A hokey story about a washed-up country singer is rescued by a wonderful performance by Jeff Bridges Full Review

  • Crazy Heart lacks that spark of originality. So what Fox Searchlight has salvaged essentially is a highly watchable performance by Bridges, one of many he has furnished throughout a long career. Full Review

  • On a par with Bridges' acting, and a sine qua non for Crazy Heart's success, is the excellent music he sings. Full Review

  • Even when you know what's coming, Crazy Heart haunts you like a classic country song. It's a mesmerizer. So is Bad Blake. This dude also abides. Full Review

  • Crazy Heart is a B-grade movie elevated to A-grade status by Bridges’ nuanced, heartbreaking performance. Gyllenhaal is terrific too as a smart woman who can’t help loving that man. Full Review

  • This is the story of a washed up country music singer called Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges). This film may well have run out of gas without Jeff Bridges powering its engine in a near-certain Oscar-winning performance. Full Review

  • Ever-youthful in his looks and energy, Bridges now stands as one of Hollywood's great old pros, incapable of making a false move. Full Review

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