Review: Creed

By Brendo
28 Nov 15

Welcome back Rocky! I have missed you, or at least a 'Rocky' film worth watching. Not since Rocky Balboa's second outing has the Italian Stallion been so believable and genuine. 'Creed' circulated around my eardrums when whispers of its release started to make the rounds and my first thought was "oh no, not another one". How far can the story honestly go? How much more can Sly actually tell us all? It was all becoming a little tiresome as we all watched Rocky fumble his way through sequel after diabolical sequel so Sylvester Stallone could relive past glories and have one more moment in the sun. If there was ever going to be another film in this franchise, Stallone was going to have to pass the baton to someone else to give Rocky a fresh new direction. 'Creed' is a fantastic example of the importance of allowing others to inject new and innovating ideas into a much loved character. Ryan Cooglar is the young Director given the important job of reinvigorating a franchise that was on life support. He has developed a simple formulaic story that not only delivers an emotional edge but allows for its talent to produce performances that are well above par. Aaron Covington's screenplay provides a well balanced narrative superbly performed by the characters that matter. Michael. B. Jordan plays the title role Adonis Johnson who just happens to be the illegitimate son of Rocky's great rival Apollo Creed. Johnson is a young man that carries a hidden rage and resentment. He is tormented by his famous fathers legacy and seeks out the one man that can train him to the championship, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Balboa's reluctance does not dampen the young Johnson's desire and it isn't long before the Italian Stallion is drawn to the son of his great friend. Johnson has the fight of his life come to reality when a deal is made for him to fight the undefeated Ricky Conlon (Tony Bellew) but is soon humbled by Balboa's untimely illness that threatens to derail any genuine chance that the young challenger might of had. Jordan is the perfect choice as Adonis. His presence is hard to dislike and his easy, natural performance in front of the camera will see his star rise quickly. Jordan's chemistry with Stallone was always going to make or break this movie but both actors comfortably move around each other as though they had been filming together for decades. This is Stallone's best performance of his career and it just might land the old tough guy an Oscar for his trouble. Yes it is that good. With a script that demanded a quality showing, Sly gives his heart to a performance that oozed emotion and resonated character. Rocky looked comfortable taking a back seat to Adonis but the old guy actually had something worthy to say, confirming that it was the right choice for Stallone to just melt into his signature character without the burden of writing and directing. Tessa Thompson plays Adonis Johnson's love interest, Bianca, and doesn't get in the way of the story. Bianca provides a calm voice of reason to a young boxer that is boiling away under the surface. What we have here is a good film and can be considered in the same league as the original. With a magnificent backdrop of a modern Philadelphia, 'Creed' gives the audience the chance to experience a truly iconic modern day story about rising up to be the person you were born to become. Career best performances by Jordan and Stallone only adds charm to a film which provides the audience with many satisfying moments.