Review: Creed

By AggressivePopcorn
04 May 16

There were two boxing movies released last year and this one was far superior to the other "Southpaw". Directed by Ryan Coolger this is the film of a young boxer who is lost and stumbles upon a tired, more or less given up Rocky. Rocky sees a lot of himself in the young creed. There are similarities between the first one especially the underdog tone. It is really well paced and Stallone pulls out perhaps his best performance. Maybe other than the Die Hard rip off Cliffhanger, (just kidding, fun movie though) I get distracted far too easily. The boxing scenes are fantastic and give you lots of close up shots and lots of great editing here as well with the cut on action shots that make the scenes flow brilliantly were you hardly notice the transitions. The drama is well done as well and you buy into the story. Michael B Jordan does an amazing job as well and I cannot wait for the next installments. It some some minor flaws but nothing that would detract from the enjoyment of this movie. Isn't it crazy that two amazing franchises had their seventh movie released last year? Rocky and Star Wars. If you have not watched this yet then I recommend it highly and if you are still reading then thanks a lot or I'm sorry (not sure which one applies)