Criminal (2016)

Criminal (2016)


The CIA's last hope is in the mind of a criminal.

Spy drama starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Kevin Costner. Following a dangerous and unpredictable convict who receives the memories and abilities of a deceased CIA agent. From the director of The Iceman.

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31% of critics recommend.
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  • A fine cast is thoroughly wasted in a tale that centers on old-fashioned Cold War-style conflict rather than the sort of terrorist drama that's more pertinent today. Full Review

  • Struggling to generate much tension, the film opts for sensory battery in the action scenes, rendering gunshots as loud as cannon fire and splashing blood every which way. Full Review

  • Like its brain-damaged protagonist, Criminal just shouts and shoots its way into, not out of, an oblivion of illogic, plot holes and emotionally unengaging scenery-chewing. Full Review

  • A preposterous premise that never makes sense. A tedious thriller that offers no thrills. An A-list cast reduced to C-list material. Piers Morgan. Full Review

  • Half science-fiction tale, half espionage thriller, it's a pleasantly far-fetched endeavor that moves along so briskly that it leaves no time to consider its implausibilities, which are many. Full Review

  • It's best not to think about this preposterous story too hard. Just ride it to its even more preposterous climax, enjoying Mr. Costner and a steady supporting cast (Gary Oldman as the C.I.A. honcho; Gal Gadot as Bill's wife) along the way. Full Review

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