Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak


Mia Wasikowska stars in this horror from Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) as a young author in 19th century rural England, who grows increasingly suspicious that her charming new husband (Tom Hiddleston) is not who he appears to be. 

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Guillermo del Toro has been involved with a bunch of ghost mysteries now, and you’re probably as familiar with the formula as I – spooky apparitions gradually reveal themselves to the film’s lead, who goes on to uncover a historical injustice and exact some form of revenge. Thankfully, there’s more to his Gothic outing Crimson Peak than this over-familiar structure, helped in part by Mia Wasikowska’s character never having a doubting Thomas attitude to the paranormal to overcome.... More

That’s not to say Crimson Peak oozes originality, and certainly not to the same extent as the walls of the haunted house and their conveniently blood-coloured drool. Del Toro works with a number of well-worn elements here – a crumbling family dynasty here, a marriage swindle there, and even frequently deploying the dreaded teal/orange colour palette more than anyone else this side of Michael Bay.

What elevates Crimson Peak above a humdrum retread are its performances. The trio of leads all bring plenty to the table, Wasikowska walking a fine line between naivety and confidence, Tom Hiddleston serving up humanity alongside heartlessness, and Jessica Chastain seemingly relishing the chance to play against type as his chilly sibling. Del Toro offers up a magnificent backdrop for his cast, building an enormous sumptuously-decaying English mansion in which to set pivotal portions of the tale, as well as the striking blood-stained snow against which the film’s finale unfolds.

While it may be slow to get going for some, del Toro and Matthew Robbins’ screenplay is full of first-act witticism, although it may hold few surprises by its conclusion. But by indulging the senses with its gore, set design and costuming, and drawing on the skills of its cast, Crimson Peak is enjoyable if not awe-inspiring.Hide

BY Gaspardation superstar

I like the blood style, honestly. Others are frivilous.

BY flapper123 superstar

I had to go and see this because "Loki" was headlining. The period setting and costumes were just beautiful and breathtaking. About the time of their arrival at the mansion that is when I was seeking an answer to the mystery surrounding the brother/sister and the appearances of people long gone,

It dragged a bit but DeLToro did well to keep the flow of the story going and captivate the audience. The ending still has me puzzled.

I give 4 for great acting, but 2 for the up close and personal... More battles.Hide

BY Jussy nobody

It wasn't the ghosts that left me impressed, it was the settings and the magnificent costumes. These had been thinking about this movie for a long time afterwards. It was the haunted house which intrigued. Every room was a mystery as the house unveiled what was hidden deep within. Jessica Chastain was the shining star here. It wasn't the gruesome horror that I'd been expecting. If you're after an all out scare fest, avoid this. It is far superior. Beautifully set, cinematic experience that... More played on my mind afterwards.Hide

BY KimLewis lister

Beautiful imagery but hardly anything special aside from aesthetic. Plot was bland and predictable and dragged on far too long. It was also marketed as a horror, which is is not. Jessica Chastain's performance was by far the best - everyone else paled in comparison. Overall, it should have been marketed as it was - a gothic romance rather than a horror. The result was disappointing

BY ursula28 nobody

The story is thin and despite the subject matter there is a dearth of mystery or intrigue. But the three leads have so much presence that they give it plenty of life despite this, especially Chastain as Lucille. The atmosphere created by the beautiful visuals is also unique and make it a worthwhile watch.

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  • Certainly unequaled in its field for the beauty of its camerawork, sets, costumes and effects. But it's also conventionally plotted and not surprising or scary at all. Full Review

  • Aflame with color and awash in symbolism, this undeniably ravishing yet ultimately disappointing haunted-house meller is all surface and no substance. Full Review

  • Its sombre sincerity and hypnotic, treasure-box beauty make Crimson Peak feel like a film out of time... Full Review

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