Cuban Fury

Review: Cuban Fury

By Saul1
22 Mar 14

Hot 'n Frosty

This film is funnier than it should be. Much funnier. Sooooooo much funnier.
I can't express how bad this film should be, but then isn't. I mean, this should be the equivalent of a Adam Sandler/Kevin James film. Slowly sucking the life out of the audience while they sit there cutting themselves to feel anything, wondering how it ever got made and most importantly why they went. But it isn't. It's good. And fun. And actually funny.

It's not Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, but there's something about Nick Frost that puts a smile on my face the second I see him on screen and it doesn't leave until about an hour after the film ends. Maybe it's all the good will from his work with Simon Pegg, perhaps it's the chemistry he has with Chris O'Dowd or, God forgive me, maybe he's just funny.
Whatever it is, it's made Cuban Fury an enjoyable romp that's suitable for everyone. I know
I'm glad I went.