Dark Shadows

Review: Dark Shadows

09 May 12

Dark Shadows

This film is a little different to what I was expecting really. I didn't find myself laughing as much as I though I would be.

I give this film three stars, because it's not a bad film and definitely has an exceptional cast. Johnny Depp never fails to please, Helena Bonham Carter is a delight, Chloe Moretz is a ball of fun and what could be sexier than Michelle Pfeiffer with a shotgun? Just saying.

I feel like I'm always being too generous with my rating because of my bias as Michelle Pfeiffer is in it. I feel like the screen writers could have done a lot better. About 2/3's through the film I couldn't help but wonder where the film was going. But in the end it was neatly wrapped up I suppose.

Still worth a look at. I would still pay admission fee to see this, rather than wait for DVD release.