Darkest Hour

125 mins
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Gary Oldman won an Oscar portraying Winston Churchill as he leads a charge against Hitler's army in the early days... More

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Darkest Hour | Ratings & Reviews

"Bloody typical, you wait years for a good Churchill impersonation to come along and a bunch arrive at the same time. The small screen had the superb John Lithgow in The Crown, and a few months back Brian Cox delivered the cinematic goods in Churchill. That film was all about D-Day, this one is set a few years before, in the dark days leading to the evacuation in Dunkirk. It seems we can’t get enough of this complex piss-wreck who saved the world. We see Churchill the grump, the great orator, the charming old bulldog, the sozzled superhero."

Flicks, Paul CasserlyFlicks

"Balances the great orator's public triumphs with more vulnerable private moments of self-doubt, elevating the inner workings of British government into a compelling piece of populist entertainment."


"Gary Oldman carries off a tremendous performance here, and it's impossible not to enjoy it."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"Not only a terrific tale in its own right, but also a brilliant companion piece to Christopher Nolan's equally excellent Dunkirk."


"Like its central character, Darkest Hour has "mobilised the English language and sent it into battle.""

Screen DailyScreen Daily

"A snappy and straightforward crowd-pleaser that focuses on new Prime Minister Winston Churchill's mighty efforts to rise to the occasion of rescuing his country from the appeasers and defeatists in Parliament and stirring the public to defiance of Hitler."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"A film predicated on dialogue and performance, and in those areas it delivers completely."


"Churchill's darkest hour is Gary Oldman's finest. Gripping, touching, amusing and enlightening, his performance is the prime reason this film must be seen - but not the only one."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

"It's a rousing, engaging chronicle of British politics, and also a surprisingly moving story about great leadership."


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Award winner
Best Actor (Oldman) & Makeup and Hairstyling, Academy Awards 2018; Best Actor (Oldman), Golden Globes 2018
PG, Coarse language
Drama, True Story & Biography, War
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