Day of the Falcon

Day of the Falcon

(Black Gold)

Antonio Banderas stars in this Middle East tale. After years of bloody conflict, the leaders of two rival Arab kingdoms reluctantly agree to end the fighting. But when oil is discovered between their territories, the war is re-ignited.... More

Co-starring Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes), Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and Tahar Rahim (The Eagle), Day of the Falcon is a tale of honour, greed, betrayal and love from director Jean-Jacques Annaud (Enemy at the Gates).  As the leaders of the two rival nations threaten war, it is up to their children - young lovers who have married in hopes of bringing the families together - to find a way to end the violence and bring peace to the land.Hide

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13% of critics recommend.
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  • Ambitious but very tedious and talkatively hackneyed, redeemed just a smidge by the money shots of a swarm of extras on horseback sweeping across the sands. Full Review

  • A far, far cry from Lawrence of Arabia, but it has its diversions. Full Review

  • If there's going to be a cinematic Arab Spring, Jean-Jacques Annaud's clunky oil epic isn't it. Full Review

  • A slight script burdened by clumsy exposition, choppy editing and a skimpy sense of grandeur. Full Review