Death at a Funeral (2010)

Death at a Funeral (2010)


An American re-make the 2007 Brit comedy of the same name.... More

Daniel (Chris Rock) returns home after the death of his father and - as the most responsible member of a highly dysfunctional family - he’s busy trying to keep it all together. Things start badly when the wrong coffin arrives, get worse when his successful but reckless novelist brother (Martin Lawrence) tells him he can’t help pay for the funeral, and slide even further downhill when his cousin’s new boyfriend accidentally takes some hallucinogens. When a mysterious dwarf (Peter Dinklage, from the The Station Agent and the original Death at a Funeral) takes Daniel aside at the funeral to reveal a secret affair with his dead father, things really begin to plummet.Hide

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the original british one is the best of its kind and this is shame toto see the remake of the such a good latest classic.

One of the best English comedies directed by Frank Oz 2007 copied by the word in 2010 and downgraded to primitive American humour. A classic example how to steal and then change a beautiful movie to make it suitable for people with an IQ under that of a German shepherd.

Why remake it?
The original was brilliant.
I guess Americans like to repeatedly prove they are stupid, because they are too stupid to realise that we already know they are stupid.


Please don't degrade the original down to unfunny racial american humour. Please, don't ever remake a good film that isn't even ten years old yet. Please, just call the whole thing off as a hoax and I will sleep well tonight.

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