Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3


This year will end with a Dhoom.

Hindi, buddy-cop action thriller, written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya (writer of Dhoom one and two).

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The most awaited Bollywood movie of 2013 is finally here. Dhoom 3 lived upto it's expectations collecting USD 5.8 million just on it's opening day. Aamir khan once again leaves his mark in a powerful performance, in his twin avatar as a baddie Sahir & the secret hidden goodie Samar. Katrina kaif looks stunning . Her role as Aaliya, Inspite of being short is memorable. Especially here entry sequence where she dances beautifully to woo Aamir & win the audition, is amazing.

The movie kicks off... More in Chicago. Aamir khan is on a mission to destroy " The Western. Bank of Chicago". As this is the same bank that had refused to give further loan to his dad played by Jackie Shroff, to run his circus company, " The Great Indian Circus". Shocked & heartbroken by this Jackie killed himself. Aamir robs the bank twice, before cops from India Abhishek & Uday who are reprising their roles as ACP Jai & Ali are called over by NY police to assist them in the case, as the thief always leaves a message in Hindi.

The viewers will love the film for the heavy duty action & stunt sequences . There is plenty of high speed bike scenes with cops chasing him in police cars. Aamir's bike which is a BMW is more than a Batmobile as it transforms effortlessly into a jet ski or a submarine or a boat . How cool?

Music by Pritam is average. Apart from the various versions of " Dhoom Machale", other songs like Kamli & Malang seem to be out of sync with the theme. They seem to be aded on just to have the folk/Sufi quotient of the Bollywood movies of these days. One would have liked to see more melody & some songs suited to the situations .

The audience would like the surprise element of creating a twin brother of Aamir, called Samar. It catches the viewers off guard.

Overall a very good movie, especially after some disappointing films earlier in the year.

Perdy Mohindru

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