Dior and I

Dior and I


Behind-the-scenes documentary following designer Raf Simons as he pulls together his first Dior Haute Couture collection as Artistic Director for the iconic fashion house. Arriving in the wake of disgraced predecessor John Galliano, Simons has only weeks to prepare what would normally require months of work. With the pressure on from day one, it’s up to Simons and the gifted artisans who work with him to not only pull it off, but deliver to the expected Dior standard.

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This surprisingly moving documentary follows former Jil Sanders designer Raf Simons as he takes over as creative director at iconic French label Dior. From the moment he steps foot inside the hallowed Paris doors, the cameras – and the history – trail him so closely we see a visionary at his most creative, demanding and vulnerable. Intelligently produced and often very funny, the film gets incredible access to the mysterious world of haute couture which, despite its high-falutin’ glamour, is a vault of hard-working and often eccentric craftspeople. Whether or not you care about fashion, it’s an absolute must-see.

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BY imyssa nobody

Ever wondered why a tiny scrap of fabric would cost so much? Is it merely because it has a specific logo on it or is it because of the item itself?

This movie answers some of that question. When you see the sheer amount of work that goes into ONE dress, the man (or in this case more likely woman) hours and the materials used, well, you start to get an idea of the staggerin money involved in Haute Couture.

Is it likely that I'll be buying any of the items produced?
Unlikely. Highly... More unlikely that I'll get within 100 mts of any of these with my street urchin hands (by comparison of course).

The closest I'll get will be this film. But of the immedicacy of it makes you feel as if you are a fly on the way, part of the process. What better way to see it all than to see it in the theatre so that all the glorious little details are emblazoned and writ large across that big screen.

Do yourself a favour. See it in the cinema.Hide

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94% of critics recommend.
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  • Lively fashion doc has a feel for old glamour. Full Review

  • The observational approach here benefits the film as viewers concentrate on each individual element that goes into the line and the show... involves the audience in the process of the creation of each outfit. Full Review

  • Fascinating fly-on-the-wall documentary, shadowing the fashion house’s new artistic director and detailing the expectation on his shoulders. Full Review