What makes you different makes you dangerous.

Dystopian sci-fi based on the bestselling young adult novel by Veronica Roth, set in a society where people are divided into distinct factions based on their personalities. Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) is Tris, a girl who fails the aptitude test, marking her as a ‘Divergent’. Co-stars Theo James, Maggie Q, Jai Courtney, Zoë Kravits, Miles Teller and Kate Winslet.... More

In an effort to stay hidden from Divergent hunters, Tris conceals her test results and chooses to enter the brave, but ruthless, world of the Dauntless faction. From there, she partakes in the physically and mentally draining drills required of the city protectors, catching the attention of the strong and emotionally guarded leader named Four. But when Jeanine (Winslet), the coldly intelligent leader of Erudite, executes a plan for absolute control over the other factions, Tris is forced to take action.Hide

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Thrills and misfires abound in this not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman-but-nearly-a-trained-killer coming of age tale. Veronica Roth’s YA best-seller (herself only 21 at time of writing) sees the remaining members of a dystopian caste society separated into five factions based on their primary virtue - peacefulness, honesty, bravery, intelligence or selflessness.... More

Our heroine Tris Prior (The Descendents’ Shailene Woodley) discovers she is an aberration whose existence is a threat to scheming authority Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet). Hiding her true nature, Tris becomes part of the parkour-loving soldier faction and begins her transformation from worried teen to warrior queen with help from a smartly cast group of fellow initiates, including Woodley’s The Spectacular Now co-star Miles Teller, whose abrasive charms are criminally under-utilised here as the Draco Malfoy of the class. Woodley puts in the kind of finely-drawn performance that is becoming her trademark but more importantly, the central relationship between her and stony squad leader Four (played by Brit newcomer Theo James) sizzles and sears, filling the screen with an explosion of perfect cheekbones and no doubt bringing a sigh of relief to the adaptation police for whom such chemistry is “like, really important”.

Although an enjoyable ride, the film suffers somewhat from a lean narrative, some tepid set-pieces and an older cast that is woefully outperformed by the younger - Ashley Judd’s furniture-like qualities are present and accounted for and even the usually dazzling Winslet comes off more disapproving HR lady than bone-chilling despot. Add non-explicit violence and a running time that drags and the film is unfortunately diluted from great action-thriller to merely good teen drama.Hide

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I haven't read the books, let me just say it now. I had no interest in seeing the movie either. I am a Hunger Games fan and didn't want to see Divergent at all. But a friend put it on so I watched it.
I liked the casting choices except for Shailene Woodley who I don't see as a leading lady of any franchise ever but I liked Four and I think Miles Teller is a strong evil. I even liked Eric and the way he was styled, especially after reading the thought process behind this.
I felt the... More relationships were a little under developed and some actions were unexplained. I would have preferred a deeper look into how society became the way it was before the movie started.
I would probably watch the second installment to see if it gets any better but I'm not jumping out of my seat to be the first in line. This movie provides action, romance and a little bit of intrigue that will entertain you even if it doesn't dazzle you out right.Hide

BY Lythys grader

Subjective point of view from a book-reader ahead.

The first part was good. Burger takes his time to define characters, universe, environment. very good. He made choices for cinema adaptation, very good too.
And after that, I was lost. I don't understand. He had plenty of time, Heaps of. But he just seems to be running after somethinf in the scenario and I don't get what it was. I felt as an intruder on a production chain : grabbed by one machine, ejected from the chain after some tests and... More grabbed again by another one and this happening again and again.
The scenes were not consistent between each other, and that's sad because we have the proof from the first part that they could have, we feel from the actors that they gave him substance to do it but it is not given.

Globally, nonetheless, a enjoyable movie moment. Some immaturity in the acting from Shailene Woodley, but it'll come with experience, she's good. I just hope they will correct the defaults of this first one to create really great movies for the next ones.Hide

I had great expectations for this movie. Hoping that it would be better than The Hunger Games saga... so far. Well it's not! It's another pathetic attempt from Hollywood to just gather revenue from the teenage market. This could of been made with more adult-direction. Instead it seemed they drew their inspiration form flicks like Twilight, Vampire Diaries and all things tweenie!
Shame on you Hollywood!

BY rosiew superstar

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film, the action was captivating and the setting and plot was gripping. The only downside was the predictable romance, but I easily ignored that because of how awesome the rest of the movie was. I reckon people are blinded by their hate towards film makers trying to replicate the romance of other popular YA book-to-film creations to see that it's failed attempt doesn't drag the movie down too far. I'm anticipating the next film and this is a film I would watch... More again.Hide

BY GrahamP superstar

This movie does not have a lot of substance to it for the 2hrs 20min running time.What it does do is keep the viewer guessing about what is going on and what is coming up next.Coupled with superb acting and directing it does make for an entertaining movie.The tests that were done to determine which faction one belonged to were futuristic and believable,but I was left wanting it to develop into something more.
Good but not great.

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  • Smart, tough and a little bit cool, this is an intriguing opening rather than a slam-dunk in its own right. Full Review

  • What a conformist message. Full Review

  • A saving grace comes in the form of Shailene Woodley... born to conflicted impulses and persuasively more complex than her dialogue would suggest. Full Review

  • Unfortunately, [the story's] source material proves to be the film's undoing... built on a shaky premise that collapses when blown up to big-screen proportions. Full Review

  • It's hard not to root for Ms. Woodley... but she seems palpably uncomfortable here. Full Review

  • Even though it stretches to nearly two-and-a-half hours and concludes with an extended gun battle... it still seems to be in the process of clearing its throat. Full Review

  • Even with star Woodley delivering the requisite toughness and magnetism, the clunky result is almost unrelentingly grim. Full Review

  • Loyal to the novel, but welcoming enough for newbies... does a decent if not jawdropping job of bringing its dystopian world to life. Full Review

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