Don (2006)

Don (2006)

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A Bollywood action flicks in which Shah Rukh Khan plays an underworld don, in pursuit of Officer Jasjit (Rampal). But things go wrong and he’s murdered. The police now have to maintain his cover, so they find an identical street layabout Vijay (Shah Rukh again) and recruit him into the force. Jasjit trains him in all aspects of the law, and he soon finds himself undercover in the same gang as his predecessor. His job is to bring down the gang and arrest or kill all its members. This plan is put in jeopardy, when his only child is kidnapped by a rival gang, and his senior officer is killed. When his own cover is compromised, life gets slightly complicated...

2006Rating: M, contains medium level violence172 minsIndiaHindi with English subtitles
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