Review: Downsizing

15 Mar 18

Large ambitions, small success rate

Downsizing holds an amazing and interesting premise that could be used to great effect in making a thoroughly enjoyable film. Unfortunately it fails to deliver with the entire idea being wasted. The small people are treated in such a way that they could pass off as normal people for most of the film, there are no cool or fun scenes with large objects or any action or conflict whatsoever. With a run time of over 2 hours it also gets rather boring and in the third act a lot of questions are raised that are not explained or resolved in any way. At the start it seems very promising though goes downhill as it progresses and leads up to an ultimately disappointing and unfulfilling conclusion. Many great opportunities are missed and it seems constantly confused as to who it's target audience is and what genre it wants to be. I'm going to have to say give this one a miss, even if you are interested you won't be by the second hour and you will most likely find the ending to be underwhelming and disappointing.