Dragonball Evolution

Review: Dragonball Evolution

By Brian
20 Mar 09

This Movie Blows

Ok, first off, Goku should never, EVER be in High School and questioning about how to get the girl. In the Manga, goku is the equivalent of a redneck living under a rock. Bulma was somewhat a redeeming factor of the movie and the fight scenes were horrendous and Kamehameha looked like it was drawn with crayon on. The director said in an interview that he was not going to follow the manga because he shouldn't. Well that right thier should say something about the quality of the movie. Horse crap. Piccolo looked nothing like piccolo, James Marsters was probably a good choice to play the character, but they didn't piccolo any screen time at all to develop his character, which is key. If you watch the movie find where he gives his reason why he wants to destroy the earth. Its not thier, its like the script writers went down the road of bad childhood action adventure cartoons where the evil guy wants to destroy the world simply because he can. And Oozaru! My god that "Monkey" looked like a giant CG turd. It was horrendous to look at. And how the hell do you change your clothes, instantaniously I might had, WHEN YOUR VEHICLE BLOWS UP! This movie is a shame to anime fans around the world. I am a HUMONGOUS dbz fan and I had to fight myself just to stay seated and watch this movie. I'm expecting fans all over the world to write hate mail to Mr. Wong, the director of the film, and if they do decide to create a sequal. Do not make it a sequal, make it a damn RELAUNCH of the entire franchise. When I first heard about this, I was ecstatic about it. But as I saw the trailers and watched the movie, I was ashamed to call myself a dbz fan.