Drive (2011)

Review: Drive (2011)

24 Nov 11

Drive it home

Wow, this was nailing bitingly good. I loved the slow pace of the film, taking me back to the 80's. Like Steve McQueen, 'Mad Max', Randle Reigns ('Gone in 60 Seconds'), and 'Bad Leutenant' all in one. Ryan did a fantastic job of bringing this character to a dramatic, hardly speaking, fist clenchingly good. Not as much car racing as I imagined from the trailers, thought it was going to be more like 'Ronin' or 'James Bond' stuff, but it was great anyway. When you go see it, remember its like set in the 80's (camera angles, etc) & you'l enjoy it more. Couple of massive blood scenes but they just add to it.
Genre : action, driving, drama, thriller
5/5 : the way it was directed, the sort of action, the main character, acting, everythign was just very film feastival, 80's in a new way.