Review: Dumbo

29 Mar 19

A Classic Disney Movie Brought To Life

As with all classic Disney movies, Dumbo was heartwarming and inspiring, and absolutely tugs at your heartstrings as you go along with their adventures. I was a little skeptical of this movie when I heard about the release- in my experience, live action adaptations of animated movies are hard pressed to turn out well, and I was never a huge fan of Dumbo to be entirely honest, so I was taken by surprise by how much I enjoyed this movie. I went to see it with my parents, and they both really enjoyed it too, so it definitely suits a wide range of ages (and Disney fan or no, you'll probably enjoy it too)! The graphics in this were amazing, everything looked realistic (apart from Dumbo with its baby blue eyes, but even so, realistic enough to not make me cringe), which is a big plus as it really adds to the experience. Disney has an incredible way of making you feel like a child again, staring tat wonder with their creations, and it's no different with this movie.