Two corporate spies for rival pharmaceutical companies join forces to scam their bosses and manipulate the market for a new medical innovation. Adding to the intrigue, the spies, played by steely-eyed Brit Clive Owen and perennial box office winner Julia Roberts are former lovers, so things will get spicy.... More

Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti play the rival pharmaceutical company bosses (Giamatti replaced Billy Bob Thornton in the film). The film is being written and directed by Tony Gilroy, who also made highly rated George Clooney legal drama Michael Clayton as well as writing the screenplays of the Bourne films.Hide

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There’s something intriguing about Duplicity director Tony Gilroy’s fascination with corporate complexities. First unveiled in his debut film, Michael Clayton, and again on show here, is his knack for creating tension with as little as a few classified sheets of A4, a phone bug and a fax machine. ... More

In the Bourne films, too, his scripts wove a high-tension spy narrative into a real-world setting. He could wring drama out of the mundane. He could make your heart skip a beat with merely a text message. Duplicity owes much to Gilroy’s previous thrillers, but has a bit more fun with the genre – imagine Paul Giamatti as the head of a major pharmaceutical company, and you’ll get the idea.

Unfortunately, the central pairing offers more chills than thrills, considering how icily cold Julia Roberts plays her character. Clive Owen is equally stiff. Their charmless courtship spoils the illusion and frequent romantic liaisons bog the film down in an unclear series of flashbacks. The pseudo-exotic jazzy score steers this ship towards Ocean’s 11 waters, and all the while you’re left kind of hoping that Gilroy will put on his serious hat again.

But in true thriller fashion, the story pulls itself together nearer the end. Tightly plotted, concisely edited and beautifully shot by Robert Elswit (There Will Be Blood), Duplicity makes an entertaining night out.Hide

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BY John2 superstar

Maybe I was tired or hungover, but I am suspecting that the other guy snoring in the cinema wuld agree with me. This film is a real insomnia tonic, it would be perfect to play on a plane to go to sleep to. It's just not captivating. I saw it because I have been having a passionate affair with Julia Roberts in another dimension for years now. If she'd played me this movie first maybe I could have just skipped that whole experience. However, great ending. If they could have just somehow sparked... More up getting there...perhaps by just dropping it down to the more like 80 minutes it could probably carry, we'd all have been much better off.Hide

BY Brian1 superstar

but only just. Good acting, good actors, plot a leaves a little to be desired.

Good cast, good couple. I guess smart ending but it wasnt worth the wait for it, so many lost scenes got rather boring. One part that was exciting and thats it.
too much useless dialogue...
so disappointed I really like Clive and Julia together though.

this is so cool!

Empire(UK)...I am an 'over 30's' and left the theatre feeling disappointed, though it is fair to say it had it's moments of humour.

Great to see Julia Roberts again, I love what she brings to the screen! Perhaps it was a mismatch of lead actors?

The Press Reviews

  • The chemical combustion just isn't there between Julia and Clive, and you can't help wondering if Gilroy wrote this with George Clooney in mind. Still, a glamorous, diverting escapade that over-30s in particular can enjoy. Full Review

  • The movie is fun, with plenty of intrigue and suspense that will have audiences clutching at their arm rests. Full Review

  • High star wattage doesn't fire up middling espionage comedy. Full Review

  • Does suffer from trying to be a little too clever in places, and will lose audience to that, and the ending is a little ho-hum, but overall, an enjoyable romp. Full Review

  • Whatever the onscreen dilemma for Clive Owen's Ray and Julia Roberts' Claire, for us, it's a no-brainer. This slick and persuasive crime thriller has so much chemistry and chutzpah; we're hooked from the start Full Review

  • Smart, droll and dazzling to look at and listen to, writer-director Tony Gilroy's effervescent, intricately plotted puzzler proves in every way superior to his 2007 success "Michael Clayton." Full Review

  • Comedy seems to have liberated Gilroy, who directs Duplicity with the high gloss and fleet-footed hustle of a golden-age Hollywood craftsman. Full Review

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