Eagle vs Shark

Review: Eagle vs Shark

By Kat2
26 Sep 07

See this film if you want a very simple laugh (maybe a couple even)

I have revisited people's comments of this film with interest as I reviewed it early on (from its premiere night). It would seem that there are many of us with the same opinion regarding this film which has an inflated reputation due to way too much media hype.
I agree with reviewers Andy and Simon, especially Simons perceptive comment that we need to be more objective when reviewing a Nu Zilnd film than just loving it because we are being patriotic and supportive of home-made products. The reason I was most disappointed was because I really expected it to be funny and wanted it to be funny but it just didn't deliver. There was so much more that could have been done better.
With Flight of the Concords now gracing our screen on Prime I can see how Jemaine Clement didn't have to extend himself as an actor for EVS. The character he plays in the film seems an extension of his tv character, showing that he does droll very well. The FotConcords exudes much more potential that this feeble film. At the very least, FOTConcords has a vague storyline evident in the last 2 episodes even if somewhat akin to the Extras show plot.
And I know this even if I am somewhat immature for my age.