Eddie the Eagle

Review: Eddie the Eagle

07 Jun 16

Ham and Cheese on White Bread

So broad that even the cinemascope frame can barely contain it, this self-declared crowd-pleaser takes not one chance on subtlety. Megaphoned "True Story" credentials? Check. "Triumphant underdog" plotting complete with wincingly on-the-nose dialogue? Check. Lead performers who tapdance shamelessly between professional gusto and outright hamming? Check. Sledgehammer believe-and-achieve message? Check. Kitschy montages set to catchy period pop? Check and double-check. There's always a big, grateful, harmless audience for this sort of candy floss but I, for one, found it pretty hard to swallow. It finds a smoother groove in the second half, once most of the manipulative ground-work has been laid, and does build up some real excitement in the ski-jump scenes - but overall it's best left to those with confirmed irony deficiencies.