Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness


As homicide detective Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson, back from a seven year screen hiatus) investigates the death of his political-activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence. Directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), based on his own 1985 BBC mini-series.

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Edge of Darkness is a solid but underwhelming thriller. Mel Gibson is placed here as the action star, but I think Liam Neeson did a better job in Taken (also a father-daughter revenge flick). Mel has intensity about him but he’s chosen a rather mediocre vehicle for his first onscreen appearance in seven years.... More

Helmer Martin Campbell has a talent for staging action sequences (as evidenced in Casino Royale or GoldenEye) – too bad there aren’t many here. It’s mostly people talking to each other, or Mel punching their lights out when he gets frustrated.

Ray Winstone, as a mysterious hitman, is the most appealing character and the movie is fun to watch whenever he’s onscreen. Oddly, he doesn’t have too much to add to the narrative but show up every once in a while to quote some scholar or enjoy a glass of fine wine whilst waxing lyrical on the morals of crime.

The story is involving enough and the plot has a few twists and turns but the bad guys are obvious from the start and it’s not hard to work out where this is going. Thankfully the ending comes as a surprise, if a silly one.

Edge of Darkness feels like the cinematic equivalent of a novel you might read on a long-haul flight. It ties together in all the right places but you’re only reading it because you’ve got nothing else to do.Hide

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Good for Mel. No Botox, no Boxes to stand on... Just went for it. Story needed to be told. Gripping story and fast moving excitement. Very good acting as a Dad's view of losing a daughter, and needing to know why and dealing to the bad guys. Also an eye opener about what lengths big business will go to, to lie, cheat and murder, to cover up dirty deeds. Worth remembering for future events ??
Well done and satisfying.

If you keep your expectations low, I think it's a good capable movie. Mel Gibsons performance is a good and nice to see him back infront of the camera. Perhaps not for those looking for a feel good movie but I think it's better that what the other reviewers have thought.

This movie had a weak story line,Weak ending,weak everything about.

To boring to call a thriller.

More dramatic then anything, Mel gibson does play his part well,Not a movie worth paying for.

I watched this and it reminded me of a bad Steven Seagal movie. Mel is tired, old, bad script and even worse storyline (and the end is quite predictable). Don't waist you money on this one.

This movie had a couple of moments where you thought there would be some "Action" and "Thriller", But this movie was truley Dramatic, The story Line was effective, and it wasnt a Predictable movie, You didnt Know what was going to happen next, This is a movie for you if you Like Mystery Films.

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58% of critics recommend.
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  • Winstone's interaction with Gibson provides the movie with much of its interest. For the rest, it's a skillful exercise in CGI and standard-order thriller supplies. Full Review

  • An uneven, somewhat meandering thriller is given emotional pull by Mel Gibson’s excellent comeback performance. The lethal weapon hasn’t lost it. Full Review

  • An intense Mel Gibson performance anchors this brutally effective crime thriller. Full Review

  • Edge of Darkness is reasonably well executed, but its competence reeks of fatigue. Another dead kid. Another angry dad. Another day at the office. Full Review

  • The film certainly has its moments - most of them when Gibson, in his first feature-film role since 2002's Signs, brings out Mad Mel. Full Review

  • Gibson proves he’s still not to be messed with in a film that reasserts him as a sturdy, if rather grizzled leading man. A pity, though, this required Campbell to cookie-cut his masterly ’80s TV series into a formulaic actioner. Full Review

  • The squeamish beware, the R16 rating belts out some moments of hard fast brutal violence, this is not a film the whole family can enjoy. But even with my lily-liver I managed OK, and overall left feeling most satisfied indeed. Edge of Darkness won’t win awards, and it’s not a genre-defying boundary-breaker, but as far as conspiracy thrillers go, this one got my pulse-racing, my eyes glued to the screen, and was far more than I’d expected. Full Review

  • Campbell's topnotch production team yields predictably polished results, but the director's decision to revisit the late Troy Kennedy Martin's teleplay, finally, feels lacking. Full Review