Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow


Live. Die. Repeat.

Tom Cruise stars in this action sci-fi as a soldier stuck in a time loop, forced to repeat his last day in a futuristic war with alien invaders. A skilled soldier (Emily Blunt) may be his only means of understanding his temporal displacement. From the director of The Bourne Identity, based on the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill.

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Working from a lean puzzlebox of a script, Doug Liman has made his best film since the first Bourne, a tough, thrilling caper that's funny as well as fun, and remembers to stimulate viewers' brains as well as their eyes.... More

Tom Cruise is more watchable here than he has been in years, largely because his character is allowed some moral grey area. Rather than the squeaky clean enigmas of late, he plays Cage, a smarmy PR guy who'd rather commit blackmail than help fight an alien invasion. He's punished for that choice repeatedly, and a lot of the humor in the film comes from how far out of his depth he is from the get go.

The central conceit - that Cage ends up reliving the same day over and over, one where he has landed on a battlefield swarming with aliens - manages to keep firing off in different directions, allowing a movie about repetition to never feel repetitive. For most of the runtime Liman wrings maximum thrills from the non-linear time shenanigans, until a turn into slightly more conventional territory near the end.

Emily Blunt gives her character warmth and vulnerability as well as muscles and a battle-weary glare, and Brendan Gleeson and Bill Paxton tear into their supporting roles with gusto.

The other stars of the film are the alien Mimics, blurs of spinning tentacles that are pretty terrifying, and –wisely- never really dwelled on. Rather than just linger on CG spectacle, for the most part Liman trusts the story to provide enough thrills, and its mashup of genres proves wildly entertaining.Hide

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BY Sawyer lister

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tommy C is where it's AT. This is a sweet ride from start to finish with plenty of action and a nice actress I've never seen before keeping me well happy in the eye department. Badda bing.

I'm a great fan of action. Mix that that with Emily Blunt and I can watch it more than once. I don't know what it is but a woman in amour that can kick arse seem to catch my attention. Excuse me for being a man!

BY Jordan superstar

Based on the Manga ‘All You Need Is Kill’, the rebranding of this to ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ started to cause some anxiety in the marketplace over what the film would end up being.
After viewing the movie, it becomes apparent that audiences who choose to think this, end up missing one of the best films of the American Summer season.
'Edge Of Tomorrow' places Cruise in the role of 'Major William Cage', a Public Affairs officer soon thrust into a 'Groundhog Day'-like adventure where he is... More forced to relive a day over and over to attempt to win a war against an Alien invader. With the help of 'Sergeant Rita Vrataski', played by Emily Blunt, 'Cage' relives countless lifetimes hoping to either escape by defeating the enemy...or by losing it all.
With intense action scenes and pacing which caters well to the 'time-travelling' mechanic, the movie doesn't slow down in its effort to reach its conclusion.
A great supporting cast helps elevate Cruise in a role that he handles with ease, taking 'Cage' from an office-bound marketing specialist to 'Alien Death Machine' in a spectacle lasting just under 2 hours.
Everything about 'Edge Of Tomorrow' makes for a perfect Summer blockbuster, from the cast to the handling of the script and the excitement of the adventure 'Cage' takes with his lack of 'mortal coil'.
When people ask what is the one film that should be seen in the 2014 Summer season, 'Edge Of Tomorrow' will be near the top for its fantastic execution.Hide

Saw this last weekend and I have to say,I enjoyed the story line,action and humor and i'm by no means a Tom Cruise fan but this was pretty good for an action/sci-fi flick.

BY Rhys-Rushton superstar

Action-a-plenty, Edge of tomorrow delivers a mans helping of brutal alien slaying and futuristic exoskeleton menacing. You can be excused from seeing glimmers of the movies the other reviewers have mentioned above, and then some but this was never going to be an original idea...I mean it stars Tom Cruse and was made for the American movie market. But what it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in mindless action.

Given the above it looses points but holds a steady 3/5 from me.

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  • Despite its flaws, despite its feeling of deja vu, it manages to be tolerably entertaining mainly because of its nicely calibrated sense of humour. Full Review

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