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A gruesome suicide sets of a chain of similar events in this Philippine, convent-set horror-mystery from filmmaker Mikhail Red (Birdshot). More

"In the Philippines of 1995, guidance counsellor Pat is a listening ear for all the students of St Lucia’s Convent. Pat grieves with her girls after one of them commits suicide in a bathroom stall — the same one in which another student, Eri, died years before ... [However,] Pat possesses a secret clairvoyant ability, one that allows her to become a sympathetic ear to the ghost of Eri, who has never left St Lucia’s halls. After the mysterious death of yet another girl at the convent, Pat decides to use her ‘sessions’ with Eri to dig deeper into the troubling phenomenon — only to discover that her key witness may not be as reliable as she seems." (Singapore International Film Festival)

2018101 minsPhilippinesTagalog with English subtitles
HorrorWorld Cinema

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