Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

Poster for Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

Sequel to thriller Elite Squad and Brazil's all time biggest box office hit. Depicts Rio's special military police unit, a crack squad assembled to confront the drug lords that run rampant through the city's notorious flavela's (slums) and the corruption that envelops the higher-ups in both the police and government. More

"Nascimento (Wagner Moura), the leader of Rio de Janeiro’s special military police unit, mismanages the prison riot and so removed from his job but eventually kicked upstairs to a government intelligence post. There he uncovers a web of corruption that spreads from the police department to the highest levels of government. Although the film is billed as fiction, it draws on real scandals in Brazil, which may explain why it has connected so powerfully with audiences at home." (Source: NZ International Film Festival 2011)

2010116 minsBrazilPortuguese with English subtitles
ActionCrimeDramaWorld Cinema

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