Enough Said

Enough Said


Seinfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late James Gandolfini star in this romantic comedy from the writer/director of Friends with Money. Recently divorced Eva meets the sweet-natured Albert, also just out the other side of a bad marriage. They soon become romantically invested, only for Eva to find out that he’s the ex-husband of a woman she’s just befriended. Also stars Catherine Keener and Toni Collette.

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Don’t be put off by Enough Said being described as a romantic comedy. Free of most cliches of the genre, it’s more a slow-burning adult drama full of chuckles derived from well-written characters and top-notch acting than the lesser fare we’ve seen in recent times as rom-coms have run out of steam. It is more Your Sister’s Sister or (while not a rom-com itself) Blue Jasmine than Friends With Benefits, thanks to a deft blend of smarts, laughs and a rock-solid emotional core.... More

Anchored by seemingly effortless, understated, and therefore tremendously impressive performances from leads Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who’s perhaps never been a better actress) and the tragically departed James Gandolfini, Enough Said moves at a measured pace as the pair romantically entangle. Such is the uncommon subtlety and true-to-life honesty with which these two divorced parents begin to fall for each other that the film had me wondering whether it was a rom-com at all – until, hey presto, along comes a plot contrivance and one character keeping secrets from another that earn Enough Said its rom-com stripes without stretching credulity any further than it needs to.

Aside from the strong chemistry shared by Louis-Dreyfus and Gandolfini, propelling their flirty banter that delivers most of the film’s laughs, strong relationships exist elsewhere, thanks to characters who defy usual commonly-seen clichés of supporting roles. Friends, daughters, partners – they’re all developed into characters who deserve their screen time, and you feel for Louis-Dreyfus each time she dents the bonds she shares with them. A class act all round.Hide

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BY Dan-Thompson superstar

Lovely film. Great performances and laugh out loud funny in places. A shame the synopsis, and the trailer, give away the main plot point.

BY Weds_Loafers superstar

Five of went to see "Enough Said" today. Of the 40 or so people present, there were 8 guys and the Loafers were 4 of them! (Cushla came with us too). This is James Gandolfini's last performance as he died just as the movie was being completed. It is a low key romance story but we males enjoyed it. Going by the noise in the rest of the audience at times, the women really liked it! Julia Louis-Dreyfus (a long-time favourite of mine) plays the other lead character, well supported by Toni Collette... More and Catherine Keener. The whole plot hinges on a coincidence, but a believable one. A good watch. 4 stars. Enough said!Hide

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96% of critics recommend.
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  • Gandolfini delivers a funny, poignant performance befitting a great actor. It’s heartbreaking that the film doesn’t measure up to his exemplary turn. Full Review

  • All in all a comedy that starts out like a pudding made of first world problems ends up warming your heart and that is in no small part down to the strength of its two leads. As a final act, it's a touching one. Full Review

  • This is Holofcener’s sweet spot, the depiction of the emotional confusions, self-deceptions, uncertainties and misguided decisions that can cloud and get the better of otherwise bright, aware people, especially the female characters she tends to specialize in. Full Review

  • While most film romances feel like a fait accompli, Enough Said’s tentative fumblings toward bliss require, and merit, fighting for; its wanderings are never less than pleasant and its final moments pack surprising emotional power. Full Review

  • Assured, adult filmmaking from a writer/director who knows her way around the ups and downs of relationships. Full Review

  • Enough Said may be her cleanest, most polished and broadly funny effort to date; its emotional generosity is undeniable, but so is its tendency to smooth over some of the hard, brittle edges that have been the more interesting hallmarks of Holofcener’s work. Full Review

  • Sharp, generous, funny, warm and grown up... a charming, big-hearted movie and a fitting valediction to a much-mourned actor. Full Review

  • The ache that “Enough Said” leaves behind comes from the blunt force of truth. The final scenes have such impact because Ms. Holofcener has struck a buried nerve... Full Review