Epic Movie

Epic Movie


Sproof drawing on many a recent epic including: The Chronicles of NarniaWilly Wonka & the Chocolate FactorySupermanThe Da Vinci Code

Four orphans (including Kal Penn, Kumar from Harold & Kumar) win golden tickets for an adventure that takes them from Wonka's factory, through a wardrobe and into the land of Narnia. There, the orphans must ready themselves to fight with Aslo (Fred Willard), a half-lion, against The White Bitch (Jennifer Coolidge), and fulfill a prophecy that sees them as future rulers of the land.

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Its just funny, dunno if others feel the same, but its funny. Maybe I should watch more parody movies.. O_O

It just wasn't funny. It all felt so forced it was painful to watch... so I fell asleep. The film doesn't run too much over an hour and I fell asleep in it, the first time I've ever fallen asleep at a cinema. I would have walked out but by the time I woke up it was almost over. That's how crap it is.

My mate I went with confirmed the parts I missed were just as crap.

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